And then there were five…

Well, hey friends…it’s been months since I’ve actually sat down and wrote. Emotions are going every which way these days —joy, anxiety, fear, frustration, freedom, disappointment, relief, and excitement…img_7652We sold our townhouse of nearly 8 years. We left with a plethora of memories, but its now settled and done. We made the leap to find a new house with a yard. We found one, but requires a bit of renovation…or maybe a lot of renovating. We are now facing 6 months of renting. What were we thinking?! But here we are…

We moved to a sweet two-bedroom condo in a fabulous part of town. We’ve already fallen in love with the area. We walk to dinner, the park, and frozen yogurt. Our neighbors are kind and quiet. But unfortunately we’re on the clock. We face new ownership in the new year and a very real deadline which is looking more and more uncertain as our reno timeline continues to creep past the expected date (and we haven’t even started!). So this may mean having to move {twice} early next year before the real adventure begins…

And that would be the arrival of baby John due in March!! So emotions stem from just the pure fact that the Lord has blessed us once again with a new life and all the other stuff is really an afterthought {kinda}. So needless to say, we’re completely and utterly drained emotionally!

We recently found out we are also having a BOY! I’m still in shock. After Elodie, for whatever reason, we were convinced we’d have another girl. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sad about it. It rocked me! It still does, more than I think I’ve really allowed it to. It made me sad, because I had my little girl. I had that chance and she’s not here and that forces you to grieve all over again. But the Lord knew this little boy would join our family even before He took Elodie home.

His plans are not my plans, but I continue to trust Him with each and every step. Even though it’s so hard sometimes. I trust that He’ll guide us through this journey of renovating and moving our lives from place to place in boxes. And trust Him with this little life growing inside and that he brings him safely to this world. We ask for continued prayer as we are on this little adventure and that we find peace and stability through it all!

2 thoughts on “And then there were five…

  1. Bev Supak says:

    We are so happy for you! For the new blessing the Lord is giving you!! My daughter cried when she found out that she was having another boy. I told her that God always gives you what you need! Her second boy puts a sparkle in everyone’s world! He is so different from the first one. We never know what he will say or do! Our prayers go out to you through this entire new move and new chapter in your life. We moved 2x in 4 months a few years ago. Staying organized helped me the most. You are a beautiful little family! Jeremiah 29: 11-13


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