Ministering to My Heart

Some have asked how we’ve been spending our days. For one it seems as though we do manage to fill them up. But its all very purposeful time and I have been very thoughtful around taking care of myself. We did manage to take a trip up to Cape Cod to truly “get away”. It was cathartic and necessary. Now that we’re back home, Mason and I like to make it to the gym (aka therapy session) a few days a week. Finn is still attending school twice a week in the morning which he loves and gives us some uninterrupted time together. Whether its at Starbucks where I can write ‘thank yous’ or I’m sticking my nose in a book. We are also working through some projects in and around the house that have been lingering.

Each day I try to view the day as a gift and find ways to minister to my heart. Where I turn to the most has been scripture, music, and books. My father-in-law had shared with us the below song/video “It Is Well” (Live) by Kristene DiMarco. The night he shared it, Mason and I just sat there in our living room crying our eyes out! It’s the kind of song that cleanses the soul. It resonates so much with me because its not that I want to just believe “it is well”, I know it deep in my gut. The words of this song and and her voice that goes from so soft and gentle to guttural…it’s amazing. I feel like her entire album ‘Mighty’ was written just for me. I can’t really put it into words, but every time I listen to it brings healing and draws me ever closer to Jesus.

I also wanted to share two books that friends had given to us that has also brought healing…both are scripturally sound. I’m still working through the second one by MacArthur since that one is much heavier, but both bring peace and comfort. I would say too that the second book is not just for those who personally lost a child but anyone who has faced this reality along side us.

2 thoughts on “Ministering to My Heart

  1. Jen Warhurst says:

    Last Friday evening, we went to listen to Pastor Levi Lusko talk about his new book, “Through the Eyes of a Lion,” in which he talks about the loss of their little girl. I haven’t read the book yet but was thinking of your sweet family the entire time. You’re in our prayers…


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