Small Answers


I had my consultation with Women’s Institute – Maternal and Fetal Medicine today. It was an appointment we hoped would bring some clarity and answer some of the “why’s”…it did.

It was also an appointment that allowed us to talk through what other medical considerations would be added to our “plan” regarding monitoring and preventing preterm complications of any future pregnancies should we decide to try again…there were a few.

Mason and I knew going in that we wouldn’t be handed a silver bullet. Our expectations were realistic. We knew that there will always be a risk of an early deliver…how early? We will never know. We prayed that we’d walk out encouraged…we did. But also knew this wouldn’t make our decision any easier…it doesn’t.

I have a follow-up appointment with my primary OB next week and expect some additional tests to be performed over the next weeks/months to ensure we’re not missing anything else that may have gone undiagnosed or not considered…

My dad shared the above verse as he was helping me pull together some medically specific questions in preparation for my appointment. Clearly, I take after him in our need to read and pour over information…but it was this scripture that puts into perspective that as much as we want to know and understand, our trust is ultimately in the LORD – not medicine, doctors, statistics, or any earthly knowledge.

We ask for continued prayers over the next several months as we pray, process, and make decisions regarding the future of our family. xo

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