Battle Wounds

Goodness February, your days were celebratory and devastating. Frustrating and peaceful. And you just had to throw in that extra day didn’t you?

February also marks some very special birthdays too! Happy 60th Birthday to my Momma! Seriously, how good does this lady look?!


And the happiest birthday’s to my hubby! #36 We spent a lovely weekend in Charleston just the two of us.  A little golf for him. A little spa for her. Happy Birthday to me Mason!

Then two lives lost…a husband, father, grandfather, and friend. A daughter, wife, young mom, and friend. Facing loss after coming through your own seems to be heightened at best.

The loss of my sister-in-law’s Dad who battled ALS for 16 years was the first wave that came crashing down. It cut me out from the knees. And then came the unexpected loss of neighbor and friend. This one took my breath away. I physically shook as I read the news and couldn’t sleep that entire night following the news. I felt so deeply for her young boys and for her husband. My healing wounds turned scars, ripped open again, fresh bruises that are tender to the tiniest touch.

The below response to grief, coming from an experienced sage, came to life for me this month…


What I took from this is that there will always be waves.  While married to a man who loves the surf, I’ve come to appreciate waves and all their powerful glory…my prayer is that we learn to ride these waves and find joy in the pain…I don’t want the waves to ever stop…it just makes me feel that much more alive.

Please keep the Butler’s and the Dobbin’s families in your thoughts and prayers as they grieve the loss of their loved ones.

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